Practice, Practice, Practice

This week we finish our series using Gerry Boylan's book Christ in Training. I have often said that if this was easy, the path to spiritual awakening, I would have already done it. One of the reasons Gerry wrote the book is to awaken the reader to the idea that it takes training to live out of the Christ consciousness. It does not come naturally and it certainly is not taught to us from our interactions in the world. Training takes commitment, discipline, practice, and more practice. 

I remember back to a time in high school, yes I can remember that far back, when a close friend of mine was dating a woman who was a committed violin musician. This was difficult for him because he did not understand that her commitment to her craft out weighed any personal feeling and desires. She would practice up to 6 hours a day and if a practice session was missed she would break dates and other social engagements to get her training time in. 

Her commitment, discipline, and single minded devotion allowed her to excel and become a true artist and master of her chosen field. There might be issues concerning honoring others and work life balance but that would be for another time and article. What she showed was that to become what you seek takes an extraordinary level of commitment to the result. There were social and family forces pulling her in other directions. There was internal, I assume, struggles and doubts and on our spiritual journey don't we each face these same challenges. The spiritual journey takes commitment, discipline, and practice, especially practice. 

Remember the last lines from the Ram Das poem I read on Sunday 

I often fail in these aspirations
because I lose the balance
between separateness and unity,
get lost in my separateness,
and feel afraid.

But I make the effort.

We often fall short of our aspirations and goal failing to reach the vision. But we make the effort and continue to practice.