Reflectin on Self

 I spent some time reflecting on the talk I gave last week about inclusivity with self. The idea of living from my truth and of my being and stripping away the masks and false beliefs. Lots of stuff to strip away without being hard on myself and falling into shame. Seems like the work just continues and that is the good news.

      Part of what I reflected upon was my body. I have my share of health issues, which many of us face as we grow older, and at times this has caused me serious mental distress. Most of the time it simply is a fact but not the truth of who I am and I live my life full out. I often tell people we all have certain habits we have each day and one of mine is dialysis, nothing more and nothing less. It does not define me or limit me, except when it does, and this is the source of my pain. I realize I am just making stuff up and  this is always a function of my mind and where I am placing my attention. I know I am a spiritual being having a human experience but the truth sometimes bumps up against the fact and I have to do some self-care and reflecting to get back to center.

       Interesting I had an appointment Wednesday with my cardiologist who said I was doing so well there was noting to do or change. My dialysis doctor told me the same thing, that for someone of my health challenges I was pretty healthy. Knowing where I place my attention is what I will strengthen and create I choose to focus on the doctors assessment and let go of the fear and anxiety, that my ego wants to have me live from. We all have a choice as we continue the journey of remembering. Choose good thoughts.