Rules to Live By

Not so long ago I took myself off all social media because I just did not like the level of negativity, right and left, that I was reading. Later, I realized that I can not avoid the negativity of the external, or heal it, until I am willing and able to address my own negativity and divisive discourse. This relates to last weeks comment "if I spot it I got it."  This is not an easy or comfortable place to look, but necessary for my own spiritual growth. There can never be peace in the external as long as there is not peace in the internal consciousness.
Funny how when I am ready to look at my stuff what shows up to give me reminders and lessons. Recently I received an email for an organization named congregational consultants. I have taken a number seminars and workshops from them over the years and they are a spiritual mature and authentic organization providing lessons to how to mange and lead our spiritual organizations in the 21st century. I want to share the lesson for the week via bullet point. The trainers article title was "rules for not being a jerk." Her point being that we all, at times, can act in inappropriate manners and ways that do not contribute to the overall understanding and connection but rather create divisiveness and hurt. More to the point is, at times, I act in ways that do not contribute to the connection and understanding.
The lessons are as comments in italics 
  • Assume everyone has good intentions-always think the best of people
  • Smile and nod-just because I think it does not mean I have to say it
  • Count to ten before giving a stinging retort-see comment above
  • Believe God is at works in the thoughts, actions, and beliefs of others-We are all doing the best we can
  • Let go of some of my desired outcomes-learn to be detached and allow Spirit, not my ego, to guide my process
  • Start now-I may have been a jerk in the past but I can start right now to be more cautious with my thoughts, words, and what I am creating.
Attempting to follow these simple, though not easy, guidelines can and will make a difference in not only how I act but in how I live my life.