Saying Good Bye

Have you ever stood in the edge of the ocean and felt that powerful tidal pull as the water rushes back into the ocean? That’s how the “divine nudge” of a coming life-change felt to me. I wanted to stay where I was - happy and fulfilled in my current state of life. But that insistent “pull” forward, coupled with everything effortlessly falling into place, has led us to make the decision to move to The Villages, Florida.


With some tears and resistance on my part - I love our spiritual community, adore serving here as a Licensed Unity Teacher (and the amazing support of Rev. Ray, Rev. Val and Rev. Gwen!), serving with William as co-leader of the prayer chaplain program, being near 3 grandchildren, living where I’ve grown up and knowing everyone, etc., etc. - my soul knew that I needed to make that leap of faith.


Thank goodness for our spiritual tools - when we use them, they WORK! After feeling that strong pull of a coming life-change, and spending time in prayer, meditation and (most importantly for me) the Silence, I “know in my ‘knower’” that this is my evolutionary path forward.


From the moment that Peter and I stepped through Unity of Louisville’s doors, you made us feel welcomed and loved. We have been honored to serve alongside you in sacred service, evolve from acquaintances into friends,  and learn and grow spiritually in this very special spiritual community. Every time we return “home,” we’ll be excited to see you in Unity of Louisville’s new church home!  We will keep you all in our hearts and prayers, as this community steps out in faith in evolutionary growth as well.


With a heart full of love and appreciation for you all,