Struggling to the End

We are nearing the end of this stage of the journey. We have reached the Promised Land. In the process, we have acknowledged and honored our past. We have begun the process of creating the life we seek and desire, including the parts of the past that still work and releasing things that no longer serve our highest good. We are, individually and collectively, excited for the new possibilities that are to be created. We are set and ready to go and all is unicorns and rainbows now.

In a sense this is true. With God all things are possible and good is always available. But, and that is a big but, there are times I am stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and even afraid. How the heck is this all going to come together? I get sad at leaving our beautiful home and don’t seem to have an outlet for my myriad of emotions. I do my work; I meditate, I pray, I talk to trusted spiritual guides. I do it all. All the things the textbook says we/I am to do during times of change and transitions. Sometimes I want to just throw the darn book against the wall. It feels like the authors write from a perspective they may never have lived through, only observed.

What I have discovered for myself is the acknowledgment of the feelings and simply allowing them to be, works best. Instead, I judge the emotions. I don’t have time for this. What is wrong with you? You are a spiritual being, get a grip? You get the idea. When I simply acknowledge and allow the emotions and feeling to be what they are, they transform. I don’t have to do anything. That is a stretch for me to start with. but it works. Gerry reminds the congregation often we are not our feeling we are having feelings. Not resisting allows the emotion to be what it is and then move on. It is simple, effective, but not always easy.

Remember we are on this journey together. Let’s hold each other in the light and for the highest good to manifest. When you struggle, if you do, reach out for assistance to get help through the struggle and allow the feelings to simply be.