Sunday Services

Unity of Louisville's past services:  Audio and Video

9:00am - Silent Unity Meditation Service

A perfect way to begin your week. The Silent Unity Prayer Service is a contemplative service that centers us in the presence and power of God. Every prayer service begins by affirming the truth of God's perfect life and love at work now and for the highest good of all. This service offers a deeper meditation in silence, music and prayer. It is uniquely different from our 11:00 am Sunday Celebration Service.

11:00am - Sunday Celebration Service 

 Theme: Discover the Power

Title: Sufficient Unto Today

Speaker: Rev Ray

Meditation: Donna Dalton

Daily: Word William Driscoll

Platform: Rev Gwen Moser

Music: Susan Shann

Synopsis: Life and the Universe is abundant. All that we need is a gift of Spirit for us to use and enjoy. All that we need is already available.

July 28: 

Talk: Don’t Leave me Raw-Cook Me in the Fire of Divine Love-

Speaker: Troubadors of Divine Bliss

Meditation: Troubadors of Divine Bliss

Daily Word: Alex Rohleder

Music: Troubadors of Divine Bliss


Theme Interpreting our Prayers

Date: Aug 4

Title: Prayer for Protection

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Meditation: Jim Wheeler

Daily Word: Deloris Morton

Platform: Chuck Fulner

Music: Tyrone Cotton

Synopsis: Probably one the best known and oft recited Unity prayers. Create by James Dillet Freeman to support our troops in WW II it was taken to the moon by Neil Armstrong. What are the deeper implications and meaning of the words we say each and every Sunday?

Date Aug 11

Title: Offertory Blessing and prosperity proclamation

Speaker: Rev Valerie Mansfield


Daily Word: Carla Knack


Music: Colette Delaney-Mattingly 

Synopsis: We live in an abundant universe. This is a core teaching of Unity and we affirm this every Sunday. To live from the consciousness of abundance we must embrace and claim to truth behind the words.

August 18:

Speaker: Martha Creek

Meditation: Donna Dalton

Daily Word: William Driscoll

Platform: Rev Ray Nelson

Music:Phill Crowther & Lisa Wilbanks


Date: Aug 25

Title: Peace Song

Speaker: Gerry Boylan

Meditation: Rev Ray Nelson

Daily Word: Alex Rohleder


Music: John Gage

Synopsis: Peace in our lives and in our world is possible when we make the choice to live in peace. Peace begins within and then expresses outward. While there is violence and war within there will be conflict and war without.