Sunday Services

Unity of Louisville's past services:  Audio and Video

9:00am - Silent Unity Meditation Service

A perfect way to begin your week. The Silent Unity Prayer Service is a contemplative service that centers us in the presence and power of God. Every prayer service begins by affirming the truth of God's perfect life and love at work now and for the highest good of all. This service offers a deeper meditation in silence, music and prayer. It is uniquely different from our 11:00 am Sunday Celebration Service.

11:00am - Sunday Celebration Service 

Date: May 19

Title: The Big Ask

Speaker: Rev Ray

Meditation: Donna Dalton

Daily Word: William Driscoll

Music: Melba Harris

Synopsis: The culmination of the generosity initiative. We have asked and you have listened and asked questions. You have engaged the idea of generosity from a new place in consciousness. Now comes the time to make a commitment. We ask that you go to your heart and go to prayer and from that place of peacefulness what is yours to do. And it is good.

Date: May 26

Title: Facing our Hurdles

Speaker; Gerry Boylan

Meditation: Rev Valerie Mansfield

Daily Word: Alex Rohleder

Music: Robbie Bartlett

Synopsis: We are consciously expanding in our consciousness what it means to be generous. On this stage of our journey we come face to face with old stories, thoughts of lack, and our needs. To move deeper into the consciousness of abundance and generosity we must face these hurdles

 Theme: Discover the Power

Date: June 2

Title: The Eternal Quest

Speaker: Rev Ray Nelson

Daily Word: Deloris Morton

Platform Chuck Fulner

Music: Janet & Lisa Essenpreis 

Synopsis: The hope of humankind lies in the great undiscovered depths within. The time has come to cease our searching in the external world for happiness, satisfaction and discover the power that lies within.