Teleconference To Enhance Higher Consciousness and Activate Your Chakras and Aura


Exploration into people’s feelings and insights for thriving during the current Covid-19 challenge (not getting pulled down into mass mind). Free of charge, independent donation to Unity encouraged. Receive remote energy healing during group session from Joyce. Call Joyce  at 502-572-4871 for telephone number for accessing the teleconference using any phone very simply. Every Wednesday commencing April 1.   BIO: Joyce Gerrish is a Holistic Life Coach, Emotional Therapist, and Transformational Energy Healer. She has a Master’s Degree in Human Development, and is a Graduate of National Institute of Whole Health. She is a highly attuned and sensitive guide for Higher Meditation and Spiritual Awareness. She has extensive training and decades of experience as a practitioner and teacher of numerous natural healing modalities including Reiki, Reflexology, and Meridian Activation.


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