Thinking makes it so

This week we continue our series The Foundations of New Thought with a talk titled Thinking Makes It So. This is a foundational Unity teaching. The world does not happen to me but through me or as me. I am co-creator of the world I see and experience based on the thoughts and emotions I hold, the beliefs I have, and the actions I take. This is Unity's 3rd Principle. Simple not always easy to claim.

When things are going good it is easy to claim "I co-created that." I do that puffing myself up like some peacock. Wait until life happens though and many will run for cover lamenting how things always happen to me. The reverse is also true. I find it very easy to claim I co-created the negative affects of the world in my life but often want to distance myself for the positive giving credit all around except on my shoulders. Lots of shadow work to do there. 

The truth is we co-create all of it. That does not mean we are wholly 100% responsible. The world and things of Spirit are far more complicated and mysterious then that. What is does say is I have a part to play and I can no longer play the victim role. I get to be responsible for my part and learn to respond and not react. I get to shift my thinking about the situation or my actions. I get to choose. When I get this my life works for the better. When I resist it I struggle. I am fighting a phantom enemy when if I were to look in the mirror I would discover who the enemy was. Like I said simple but not easy.