The Truth Shall Set You Free- Rev. Valerie Mansfield



     We are the light and the expressions of God. Thank you, Melba Harris for that beautiful song. She wrote that. So another example of the talent and the love that is shared here, because we stand in truth. If you've taken Metaphysics with me, you'll know that it's truth with a capital T, which is the absolute Truth. The only thing that really exist, we are the expressions of that Truth. As expressions of that Truth, we are finding ourselves embarking on a new way of being a new way of being with each other and new lessons on this journey.

     There are lessons for everyone. It seems like to me, sometimes that it's a repetition of a lesson that we had in the past. What I do know is that's probably the Truth because when we don't get it the first time, we'll be given another opportunity in our lifetime to heal that, which is unhealed to get a greater understanding of the Truth. One of those truths, the small T. I say that because that's a perception that we have in our humanness is that change is difficult and that our beliefs are the truth of who we are, but that's not the big T truth.

     That's only a perception of the little me and the little me is the one that gets trapped in bondage. It's the one that lets the mind run away and the fears be created. The worry and doubt set in the little me is the one that sees the difficulties that humanity is moving through right now. It's real. So don't get me wrong. I'm not living in Pollyanna land. I'm not looking through Rose colored glasses. I definitely see it. I see the injustices. I see the human error thinking human error behaviors. I even participate in it sometimes. I don't know that anybody does it. If you don't participate in the doubts and the injustices, and if you don't feel triggered in your experiences or in what someone says to you, please come and tell me how you do it. Know enlightened me a little bit because I feel it.


     I see it, even though I understand that it's not the Truth, I'm still human in this spiritual journey. So one of the things that I have to do myself personally, in this time of great challenge, and it's a great challenge because our world is in a pandemic, that's creating a lot of doubt and fear and worry about our wholeness as individuals about the wholeness of our family and friends. Then to add on to all of that, we are living in a time of great upheaval as a social society not only here in Louisville, Kentucky, but in Portland, Oregon, and then the Hong Kong and in many other areas of the country and the world. The whole world is in conflict with themselves and with each other.

     When I get to that point where it's just so overwhelming and I'm frustrated and I don't know about you all, but sometimes people don't understand what I'm trying to say. I lose my way in that communication of passion and I get frustrated and then I have to stop and think, okay, don't take it personally. The other person is hurting too, right? And so I have to take a step back and just breathe and remember that this is heaven on earth and I get to choose what that earth looks like. So sometimes I have to go back into that allness as a child and see it differently. See the kingdom of heaven as a child does. So look into my grandson's eyes and see the wonder and the awe and the love that is radiating from him to all people, no matter what. As an adult, I have to remember to be strong and to reflect the power of God that is within me.

     I said, reflect that power of God, because what I have going on in my inner world is reflection in the outer world. I know that and so to stand strong and to reflect that power of God, that Allness of God, the Truth of God. That will overshadow the ignorance and the darkness that many people continue to live in the fear, the misunderstanding, the fear of change of the unknown, which keeps us all in bondage that we do not see the Truth as one. There are variations of it just are, there are variations of our consciousness just as there are variations in our individual vibrations, until we can all maintain at the highest possible level, the chaos continues. How do we educate each other to the good, that is the Truth to the power of prayer and meditation going into that space daily and being, and not doing so darn much.

     I forget that I'm here to be, and I get in that vicious cycle of doing, and I get frustrated because I feel like I need to do more. Right now with everything going on in the world, there's not enough time in a day to do everything that I see. I don't want to be a part of it to change and to be present at and with. I have to stop and take a breath and stop the lies because that's the Truth of it. It's all lies. It's not the Truth. And I don't mean to say that to condemn ourselves and others because we can't see it. We can't see the possibilities that we can manifest right now for every human being on this planet so that my grandson does not have to go through this again in his lifetime, the littlest, one's not going to remember the oldest one who's 24 will remember.

     I don't want any of the eight of them to have to repeat the social injustices, the level of ignorance that has created a pandemic in this country that didn't have to be this way. It didn't have to be so severe, but it is. So how do we educate ourselves? Open our eyes, open our hearts, open our minds to the fast possibilities that are available to us, to each of us every day. The only way I know to do it is to go back to the Truth roots of Unity that Emilie Cady taught us before Unity even existed. We have to open our hearts and open our minds. We cannot condemn ourselves or others.

     We cannot live for the rewards of living for the materialistic opportunities to get ahead without the consequences of the choices that we're making, because that allows us to live in an untrue vastness of darkness. We must no longer seek a creed to follow. This is where I get in trouble as a minister, because all organized religion has a creed, including Unity, but the Truth is we have to live and be, we must be life, not only for ourselves, but for our brothers and sisters. That is all of our brothers and sisters, Black Lives Matter. The indigenous people who have been mistreated for centuries in our country matter. We all matter. It's time that we really recognize that Truth and stand up for it. There are many ways that we can stand up for it. We don't have to be the ones that are downtown and Jefferson Square protesting, but we can support them. We have many people from our community who are down there on a daily basis who get arrested and go to jail and come back and they're back out there the next day, because they are willing to manifest a change and they're being, and living the life that they see, they need to. We can support them through prayer. We have been asked as a community, specifically from the organizers to come and hold them in prayer, to send healing energy to each and every one of them. You don't have to be down there to do that. We know the Truth that the healing energy flows, wherever it is, and it is absorbed and by any receptive soul.

     So we can all take part in that and not suggest that we do because when we take that stand as love, the violence dissipates, the anger dissipate, and that is being live. We must live our life to the fullest in Truth, as the divine expression of that higher presence, whatever name you give it, that is ours to do. We are the love. We are the wisdom in life, and we know the highest and best for all. That's the true creed. We hold everyone in that highest possible vibration, which is best for all, no matter what, that's the part that's hard, no matter what another soul does, we hold them to the highest definition of love that we can to that expression of being God.

     We have to focus on that. Good to see it in someone else. We have to mirror that within ourselves to send it outward so that someone else who is living in the darkness of ignorance can absorb it and shift and change. We have to stop doing and be the highest realm of possibility, which leads us to that knowledge of whole true wisdom. It leads us to greater experiences. So think about that for a minute. If we were all spending our time being in that highest realm of consciousness that we could think of at the moment and continuing to be aware that there's a higher state, always moving upward. What could the world be like if we spend all that energy that we do doing, and instead be. Imagine the world, if we were all acknowledging each other as an expression of God, an expression of life. That's how we start.

That will stop the human struggling. We'll take this out of our bondage, which is our own making out of our era thinking and the silence we radiate and accomplish, those great works without the, the frantic hectic chaos of the ignorance. That's where the real change is. That's where the real work is. Daily we must seek the living spirit unlike go of the old self. So, on a daily basis, we must go within and focus on the good connecting with that Christ self igniting that spark of life and living the wisdom that comes through. We must stay in balance to manifest the change it starts within or reflects outward.

     Here's the hard part. We must forgive. We must forgive ourselves for that, which we think an error and we must forgive others no matter what. That's not easy, but it is doable when you practice the presence, practice being every day, connecting with that presence that is alive within you. That Truth, that is you. In that Truth, we find the all wisdom, all power. As we trust in it, we accomplish the world. We desire for humanity. We are entering a new phase and humanity in this spiral dynamics of life. We've been moving this way for quite some time.

     It's the oneness that is, which will eliminate the social injustices. Today is the day. Now is the time to free ourselves to live in Truth. Now Jesus said, the Truth will set you free. What many people forget is the line that comes before that you shall know the Truth. It is the knowledge of the Truth, which sets us free. It is the knowledge of the ignorance, which sets us free. We are already free and we don't know. We were born as an expression of God and we are free. There is no difference from any being on this planet, other than the difference that we've created in our own minds in our own hearts. That's the lie. The Truth is we are one. The absolute Truth is there is no lie or anything greater than the good. So we must be aware of the lie. Stop believing the lie. Stop speaking the lie. We must speak the Truth. It is the Truth that will manifest the real world, where we live as one in peace and harmony. We are living the lies right now. And I invite you into your heart space to live and be the Truth. Namaste.