Uncharted Territory needs New Leadership

We enter the promised land and now we begin to create a new world. We begin the next phase of our journey with key leaders in place to guide us and sustain as we journey together into the unknown territory. We had a fantastic annual meeting with over 70 people in attendance. We reviewed the previous year's success and struggles, reviewed our finances, received an update on the new building, and more importantly, we elected new members and alternates for the Board of Trustees.

We had 5 excellent candidates who gave brief presentations on why they wanted to serve. Before the vote, we honored those who left the board for personal reasons or whose terms had expired. We Honor Donna Dalton and Peggy Chavers for their years of service and see them guided to their good and supported always.In addition, we honored  Mark Helm and Gary Haynes whose terms expired and we honored their willingness to step in and serve.

The five candidates running for the Board were Jim Wheeler, Leah Zellers, Mark Helm, Gary Haynes, and Jeanne Bencker. The discussion, with the candidates, prior to the vote is no one would lose. That positions of importance in the upcoming transition would be found for each, regardless of the vote. The votes were cast and tallied and the two new members of the Board are Jim Wheeler and Jeanne Bencker. Leah Zellers and Mark Helm were voted in as alternates. We are blessed with a committed and dedicated Board.

On Monday evening at the regularly scheduled Board meeting, new officers were voted in; Chuck Fulner President, Jacque Saltsman Vice President, Dave Fralick Treasurer, and Jeanne Bencker Secretary. Next week I will provide an update of the transition and the different roles and teams forming to assist and guide us in the transition.