Walk by Faith

Recently I reread Richard Bach's Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah. Great book, easy read, filled with principles and spiritual teachings. When the student failed at one of his exercises and said I just don't have enough Faith, the Reluctant Messiah told him it had nothing to do with Faith it was about Imagination. Hate to disagree with the Messiah it is both/and, thank you to the YOU for that language.

When I activate my imagination, not through ego which is always based in past experiences and actions, but through the infinite Divine ideas of Spirit I need to have the Faith to continue to take action to make what I imagine come to fruition. Without Imagination I will tend to stay stuck in a present reality, no matter how good that reality is. Without Faith I don't believe that what I dream is possible. With out action it is simply fantasy. The Apostle James said it best Faith with out works is dead. Faith without the intentional action to make manifest in the relative what I only imagine in my mind is dead.

When I first started imagining the possibility of ministry as a calling I did not know what that would look like or what path I would take. I knew I had the call to serve but that was about it. I had Faith that as I did my part God would do God's part and it would all be revealed. My path, as many of you know, took many twists and turns and I certainly would have never though I would end up in Kentucky, being from Minnesota Kentucky seemed like a different world from where I was. Yet, it was through my imagination and Faith that I continued to take steps and let go of my judgments and allow my path to reveal itself. You don't have to know where you will end up but when we walk by faith not by sight we can trust we will always end up where Spirit guides us.