Walking in the Light

We are walking in the light, in the light, in the light. We are walking in the light in the light of God.

Sunday is Easter, probably the most important holiday in the Christian tradition. I have thought on this for years that it would seem that for most of Christianity their focus is on Good Friday and the meaning of the crucifixion. From a historical point of view this would make sense. If Jesus is God, as the tradition came to understand him and his role, then how do we explain God dying. Many of their answers, which make little or no sense to me, are based in the understanding of the fallen nature of humanity. Unity does not hold to the belief in the fallen or sinful nature of humanity rather we believe in an original blessing and oneness of humanity.

One of my early Unity teachers used to say Unity, as a tradition, is more of an Easter focused church. For Unity it is all about resurrection into our more deeply understood and lived spiritual nature. Unity interprets the Easter experience from the point of view of spiritual transformation. When we let go of any long held belief or way of being that keeps us separate from our understanding of our Divine nature we are having a crucifixion experience. Some beliefs we release may feel like a literal death. In my life doing the work to be released from the bondage of addiction felt like I was literally dying and because I died to an old way of I was able to resurrect into the person I am today. Unity believes when we cross out any of these old beliefs we create the foundation of a resurrection experience.

The Easter experience can be seen as an ongoing process of spiritual development. It is a process of spiritual recognition and release, and resurrection into a new way of seeing and being in the world. Easter is not something that happened to Jesus 2000 years ago but an ongoing process of our own spiritual journey and remembrance. When we remember and awaken from our long sleep we walk in the light. We emerge from the darkness into the light of awareness of who we are.