Weekly Classes

Dismantling Racism

The goal of this program is to increase racial awareness, raise racial literacy, and inspire action for racial equality in our community. We do this by becoming aware, opening our eyes, opening our hearts, educating ourselves, and transforming our thoughts, ideas, and actions to create true Oneness in our world. 

To visit the interactive discussion page click here.

Tuesdays with Rev Gwen

Alternating Tuesdays, 10:30 am

Join in discussion with Reverend Gwen. The goal of this program is to increase community connection and discussion of topics that matter to you.

Held every other week.

Unity 101

9:45 am Sundays

Unity 101 is an introductory and interactive exploration of Unity teachings and principles.

Book of Knowing and Worth

10:00 am Sundays

Paul Selig's exciting book that creates the energy of Transformation.

A Course of Love

1:00 pm Wednesdays

"A Course of Love" is a course for the heart and it bypasses the mind.

Teleconference To Enhance Higher Consciousness and Activate Your Chakras and Aura

7:40- 8:15 pm, Wednesdays

Exploration into people's feelings and insights for thriving during the current COVID-19 challenge (not getting pulled down into mass mind).

Men's Group

8:30 am, Saturdays

Unity's Men's Group is a safe place to share one's own truth; to learn from other men, and to offer service. We come together and share support, hope, encouragement, insight, wisdon, acceptance, spiritual growth, and good jokes. No fixing or judgements. Men of all ages are welcome!

Youth and Family Classes

Join us Sundays for a Zoom meeting for children of all ages.