What does Unity teach about the Bible

Recently I received an inquiry from someone asking what Unity teaches about the bible. I thought it might be instructive to post here for anyone interested to read.

This is an interesting question. Unity teaches to read the bible as story, and inspiration, and as a metaphysical and mystical template for our own lives. Yes the bible is inspired, as is all sacred literature. We do not teach it is the inerrant word of God. We do believe the bible must be read first in context of who the authors audience was. Second we teach how does this writing speak to my present context and understanding. Third what are possible metaphysical and mystical ways the words can be interpreted and viewed? 


We believe there are many inspired sacred texts of which the Bible is one and therefore a useful and valuable tool on our spiritual journey. The bible, in our teaching, is not literal history, though it is has an historical context. It is not nor was it ever meant to be read as literal history and fact rather it was and continues to be a set of stories and writing written over centuries that describe a people’s spiritual journey and continues to inspire spiritual discovery today.