What's Happening, Unity?

How are you doing during this crazy, challenging time? Hard to believe it's been five months of the virus, economic disaster, and PPE! We'd love to know what you've been doing these past few months. 
Please send a brief description of your "COVID adventures" and a photo to Elaine at elaine@unityoflouisville.org. We will share updates as they come on the website, and weekly in the e-news.

Deb Reinhardt-Brocious

"Bob and I live on a farm an hour north of Louisville and had some major projects and repairs to catch up on, due to having been caregivers to my in-laws for several years until they moved into assisted living just ten miles from us. This time of being home much more has afforded us the opportunity to do such things. In the spring, we replaced all fence posts and fencing to our garden, which we call Garden Bountiful, as we had storm damage the previous year that prevented us from gardening. We planted a substantial garden and I have canned pickles and been blanching and freezing many vegetables.  We also have worked on finishing our new pond here, repaired our chimney, cleaned out piles of junk, etc. We enjoy such tasks, and we also just have fun in the evenings riding our Spyder motorcycle and finding deer to take pictures of which is a very peaceful and calming activity.
While we have not been able to participate in protests, we send prayers for the protestors and are preparing a package of items to help them in their cause per the list Unity put out this week. Thank you for that! I have participated in the music ministry for the online services a few times since the quarantine began, and have engaged in some zoom writing classes again which I had not done in a few years. We have also hiked the farm and I have been taking many more pictures here of wildlife, plants, whatever surprises the day brings. Bob has been working from home as a systems engineer for UPS since this all began, so we have had more time together. We have been listening in the evenings also to the book “The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd.
We have loved ones who have been affected by the virus, we focus on healing for them while also focusing on what we can learn in our souls during this time of COVID, protests, and political unrest, and continue to ask within what is ours to be and do. Daily reading of the Daily Word and of Ernest Holmes’ writings have been most helpful as always. Volunteer work with senior citizens in facilities has had to be much more creative through Second Wind Dreams which I chair in Henry County, but we have found ways to continue to be of assistance to residents of the nursing home and assisted living. And we always grow extra veggies on the farm here for both facilities so that the residents can benefit from fresh foods. We see this time as one of transformation and raising vibration. Focusing on that and being physically active has been very beneficial to the state of mind and heart during this time."