You Are Never Alone

This week Gerry Boylan will be speaking on the Advent topic of Love. (For those of you familiar with Advent yes this is out of order). When we speak of awakening to Divine Love this is far greater love then what we, as humans, normally speak of. Divine Love transcends space and time. It exceeds the love one may have for family or partner. It even exceeds the love one may have for a child, though the love of a child probably is the closest we come in our human experience to Divine Love.

Divine Love is unconditional. In the face of all conditions Divine Love only sees the Divinity in all people and situations. It is the type of Love we strive for but on our spiritual path may only glimpse. But, just because this is not a state we live in continually, not sure my ego can even comprehend that, it is a Love we can work towards. Noticing our judgments, our conditions, our thoughts of lack or limitation allows us to chose differently and let that all go. Like we say in recovery, I seek spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection.

With this in mind, I want to acknowledge a slightly different type of love. It is the love we feel in a community. Recently I had some surgery, minor as it was it still required a visit to the hospital and being put to sleep and considerable pain afterward and what is minor surgery anyhow. There was fear and nervousness going in remembering how I struggled last year after surgery. The love I felt from the community immediately after the surgery not only sustained me but lifted me above my circumstance and I am able to sit comfortably and write this. We are never alone and in community, we have the evidence, if we allow it, that that support can come from many sources and people. I received countless Facebook post and texts helping me to see my truth, that I am whole and well and already healed. In community, you are never alone.

If, at any time there is a sadness, grief or loss reach out and trust that there is a hand already reaching for you.If there is a joy that needs to be shared so that the joy will magnify and grow share that joy with your loving community. In community, you are never alone.