You Spot It You Got It

In a class I am taking recently we were talking about mirroring. The idea is that what I see in the external world is in reality in me. The simple way of saying this is "you spot it you got it." Whatever you see and are having a reaction to is part of your consciousness and to be found in either the conscious or subconscious mind. Simply we see what we are, or at least a portion of us. 

When I see the things I like about myself, or at least hope to like about myself, the idea of mirroring brings me joy and a sense of relief. It is the things I spot that I do not always want to claim that cause my peace to be disturbed. Not sure about the reader but seeing the shadows and parts of myself I wish to deny can be very disrupting to my day. When I am willing and I do my inner work it is an opportunity to bring to light those aspects I try to hide from in order to heal them. 

In the light I can make a new and possibly more loving choice. In the light I can learn to be understanding and meet the experience with empathy and compassion. In the light I can make a different choice. I have to be willing, and that is not always the case, to use what I experience as a way to transform and transcend the limitations of my human experience and my ego defenses. Not always easy or comfortable but the blessings of the growing awareness allows me to integrate all of me and live out my life in a more authentic manner.