Beginning Anew


We release and contemplate what was going to be for 2020. Trust and believe in who you really are. That spiritual world awareness that is represented by Jesus is very important to each and every one of us at this point in time (and in reality - always). Trust that starlight to guide us as we find ourselves aligning with spirit, let go and let spirit guide us. Believe in what is already inside of you. You already have everything if you believe. It's really about that, believing in yourself, that faith of believing in your dreams. This is a time to relinquish whatever it is that's keeping you from your dreams. What is that challenge, that block, that thought in your mind, the burden? Know that if you release the one thing, whatever it is, there's an opening for you in the new year of 2021.
I'm reminded that in Matthew 7:7 we are told, "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be open to you." So I invite you right now to close your eyes and begin to go into that space, connecting with that divine presence, allowing that radiant light to shine through you, allowing you to recognize what it is. That's the heavy burden on your heart today that you want to release. Just be present as you breathe in deeply and allow yourself to be open and receptive to detaching from whatever it is in the silence...
Now, come back to this time and place with gentle breath, what is that one thought that you're willing to let go of as you move into a new paradigm, a new shift in consciousness? Write it down right here, right now. Place it on your paper. Be willing.
If that thought hasn't come to you yet, you must ask. Spirit already knows what it is and you need to ask for that guidance. What is it that we are releasing? Is it an old habit that no longer serves us? Maybe it's a mental habit that we're tired of, like anxiety, a limiting thought. Fear of any kind. Fear of wealth. Fear of poverty. Fear of being unloved. Fear of forgiving. Maybe it is forgiveness, forgiving ourselves for something that happened, or forgiving someone else.
Maybe it's a letting go of that limiting relationship or the ways that we do things. Maybe it's just letting go of everything that has occurred in 2020 and allowing us to move forward in faith. One step at a time.


As you come back to this, if you haven't already, I'm going to invite you to light your candle. If you have dissolvable paper, I'm going to invite you to get your glass or bowl of water ready. If you're just writing on regular paper, get ready to tear it into small pieces. However it is that you're going to release what you've written on this paper so that it is no longer a burden to you or to the universe, get it ready. You can open to the good that is awaiting you right now.
If you haven't used flash paper before, you're just barely going to take and touch the paper into the flame. 
You're going to let it go.
We just continue to hold that space while you release and let go of what is no longer serving you in this lifetime. Prepare for that new day, that new light. That spiritual awareness is already alive in you, allowing you to be the best that you are, allowing you to be in the good of the universe, receiving all that good into your life.
We see that for you today and every day. Know that in this week coming up, we're getting to continue to rest in that openness with that vacuum that we just created. Rest in the unknown abundance, unknown light, that unknown love. Rest in that space of openness to new relationships, to new ways of being, and to new patterns in our lives. We just allow ourselves to rest for this entire week without the force of thoughts or ideas, to create space of peace within ourselves, to be in the moment, to live in each and every moment, to be in that love and excitement of expectations. What is coming in 2021?
What new creative imagination is brewing within you?
Life is consciousness. It is one of the most basic principles of metaphysics. We all know that what we hold in that consciousness is what we experience in life. This ritual of letting go of what no longer serves us creates a new awareness in our consciousness, an opening for that new thought for the upcoming year. We will embrace this with our white stone ceremony next Sunday. Affirm what it is this week that we are looking at in contemplation. Is it a new goal for 2021, a new goal for work, for our relationships, maybe our living arrangements?


How about a new state of mind, a new state of being, perhaps? We want to take time for yoga, riding bikes, and playing in the sun. Maybe we want to learn a new language, a new instrument. Maybe we want to embrace our personal relationships. Whatever is that deepest desire, let it percolate this week. Let go of any thoughts that you may have had in creating in the past and just hold consciousness in that space of peace. With prayer and peace, our thoughts are aligned with spirit. We are guided to that awareness of what is ours. We begin again, anew with promises of new beginnings. In 2021, we let go of this crazy year that we have all been a part of and see ourselves back in our spiritual home together as one united in faith. With wholeness and health, sustaining and moving in and through each of us and the world, allowing us that expectancy of love, we unify our souls to support and bless each other and these new opportunities in the new year of 2021. Ask yourself, what did I give? What did I receive? What did I take? Let it go because we all know the answer. There's only one true answer. That is love. Love is still the answer to all of our questions. This week I invite you to love yourself just as you are, imperfections and all, because that is what makes you the unique being that is awakening to the bliss to the joy of life. 
Love is still the answer.