“Where ever you are on your spiritual journey you are welcome here.”

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Unity of Louisville is an inclusive, prosperous, compassionate community celebrating Oneness and infinite possibilities.

We offer transformational spiritual experiences to enhance the principles of love, prayer and meditation, oneness, along with other Universal Principles. We celebrate the many paths to God. Our mission is to transform ourselves and the world through Love, Healing and Service.

The intention for our worship services is Unity, Oneness, and the opportunity to shift into a higher consciousness. During our time together we share inspiring uplifting music, contemplative meditation, and a dynamic spiritual message. Unity meets each person where they are and invites you in for support as you follow your unique and individualized spiritual path. Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, wrote “the Truth that we teach is not new; neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principles. Our purpose is to help and teach humankind to use and prove the eternal Truth.”

We would love for you join us for one or all of our weekly celebration services or any other classes or events.


Board of Trustees
Unity of Louisville