Youth & Family Ministry Support Team

Mission Statement

We are committed to create opportunities for our children to be inspired, empowered and have fun.

Vision Statement

With love and zeal, we foster unity (mind, body, spirit) through empowerment and imagination.

Join us at 11:00 am on Sundays in Classroom 6

Souls 0-2 years

Ages 0-2 are loved and cherished using the Truth for Tots Program. This provides structured learning for our youngest congregants. The Truth for Tots addresses all learning styles and incorporates play to stimulate the child.s perception by visual, auditory and all sensory methods.

Angels & Hearts 3-8 years

We draw forth the truth that is within each child through affirmation, prayer, bible and contemporary stories, using puppetry, story boards, music, dance and creative expression.

Unikids 9-10 years

We create an atmosphere, in which each child receives an understanding of the Truth Principles. Through bible or contemporary stories, metaphysical interpretation, discussion, and creative expression through art dance, drama or song. We honor each child where they are today.

Uniteens 11-13 years

This program provides a place for the youth to expand on their spiritual journey through spiritual nourishment, personal renewal, and a safe place for self-expression, emotional support, fellowship activities, friendship and fun.

Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.) 14-18 years

The Louisville Chapter of Y.O.U. is designed for the spiritual growth of the individual and the group. We discover, explore and develop our inner Christ in an open, loving atmosphere. We discuss challenges that everyone faces in growing up and becoming independent.


Uniteen and Y.O.U. attend or participate in local, regional and international retreats, service projects and/or other activities.