Sundays 11 a.m. 

We rise up and raise our consciousness with dynamic talks on Unity Principles and how they are incorporated into our daily lives. Our music team inspires us through uplifting songs, beautiful voices of harmony and love. Our Oneness Blessing Givers, Energy Workers, Prayer Chaplains and teams hold all in the energetic healing presence of being. 

You can find the 11 a.m. Livestream service on our Facebook page.


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Your tithes, gifts, and offerings are pure love and as this energy moves into the world, all who are touched by you are transformed. Be joyful in knowing that through you God's love is made manifest! Click the donation button below to donate online. 

Text a dollar amount to 844.996.2710 to donate via text giving. Watch this video that explains text giving here. Make it recurring by texting "repeat" after your donation amount.

Mail-in offerings accepted at our new P.O. Box 2468, Louisville, KY 40201.