Prayer & Affirmation

Dove Flying AwayAffirmative prayer is prayer that recognizes the eternal reality of divine ideas and humankind as the vehicle through which these ideas become manifest. Divine ideas in God-Mind are brought forth through human minds and are expressed in the world by the unalterable law of mind action. Access to divine ideas and the creative process as law are God's gifts to humankind. We then pray affirmatively to become channels for the expression of God in the manifest realm in which we live. Whatever we are praying for, whether it is healing, guidance, love, or prosperity, it is always available to us, not as things but as ideas with the potential to manifest in our lives.

Nothing is more powerful than affirmative prayer. If you have a prayer request, please email to, call the Prayer Line at (502) 583-5559 or you can fill out an online form here.

Daily Word is a magazine of inspiration and prayer support published by Silent Unity. Many find Daily Word a great tool to affirm their divine power and oneness with God. Check the on-line version of Daily Word.




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