Diversity and Inclusion

The I AM is the same in all people. - Charles Fillmore

Unity of Louisville celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of all people. We are committed to thoughts, language, behaviors, and policies that promote equality and inclusion. We empower people to live and worship freely and to express themselves and their spirituality in whatever manner serves them best. 

In practice and principle, Unity of Louisville is committed to continuously learning about, adapting for and practicing inclusive behavior and language that will help to expand our awareness and increase the diversity of our community. We acknowledge that every spiritual journey is unique and it is this uniqueness that enriches all of us. From inside the walls of our spiritual home and out in our community, we promise to welcome, engage and gather inspiration from beings of all races, ages, sizes, national origins, citizenships, gender identities and expression of sexual orientations, family structures, economic status, education levels, political views, abilities, perceived disabilities, or any other perceived differences, or similarities. We know the blending of these divine experiences and voices amplifies the unlimited possibilities in our growth, healing, service and spiritual practice.

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