Better With Time

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Love gets better with time. In the last year we've lived through some major uncertainties and an unexpected crisis. The last year was an unexpected crisis bringing new experiences. I'm not quite sure how it's all unfolding, but I know that no matter what the universe is guiding us to, it gets better and better. The more time that we allow ourselves to be present and aware of the love that universal love that is alive in each of us, it's easier to stay spiritually attuned in that love.

When all you see around is chaos and challenges and lack in a universe that's abundant, I ask myself sometimes "How do we get here as humanity? How did we get to this place where we let go of the love in exchange for a desire for power and control and greed?" That's the perception that came in to me this weekend. I was rather taken aback by it. When I was sitting down to contemplate what today's talk might be about I was like, "Really? We're going to go there. Oh no." When spirit goes nuts, sometimes I'm like, "Hmm, I don't know about this one."

I saw in India the mass cremations, the mass exit on the streets with families side by side, with their loved ones being cremated right there in the open. I wondered, "How would we in this country react to that? Would we go about our day-to-day business? Would we stop and send love and prayer to the world?" I didn't know the answer even for myself for that moment, because there's always something more to do. I don't know about you guys, but is your to-do list longer than it used to be? Does it seem like there's not enough time in the 24 hours to get done everything that we think we need to accomplish.

Does that get better with time? Do we remember the truth of who we are? I can go back to that loving being that's here to radiate that love and light. Eric Butterworth said back in the eighties, when we were faced with some economic disaster, "If we are spiritually in tune, even though we may be shocked by the happening, we will be better able to reach decisions and take action than we would be." If we let ourselves become weary and depleted, he also says prayer works. When we use prayer in our lives, as that love for that sudden passing of a loved one, for catastrophe that might hit a neighborhood, a tornado, a pandemic; when we stay in that spiritual realm, as that loving, nurturing being, all things are possible.

On this day we're celebrating love, because for me, that's what Mother's Day really is. I'm realistic enough to know that not all mothers are loving and nurturing. I know that there are some out there who didn't have the greatest relationship with their moms. And hopefully you had a relationship with someone who was nurturing and loving, because when we take on the responsibility of our spiritual self, that's truly what we become. We are in tune to that spiritual being that is alive in us as us. Nurturing love. We talk about it a lot, with the Course of Love and the Course in Miracles. Miracles are all based on the foundation of love when we are in that space of love. Miracles happen. When we are in that, knowing that nothing is impossible, we are tuned in to that spiritual-ness within each of us. We share it from our hearts, outwardly connecting with others, as that love it grows. It is unstoppable and we have to do it. We have to become that which we seek. We already are it. We just forget.

Jesus was a master in dealing with the unexpected. Everything that I read about the master is that he stood as love. It didn't matter how many people needed to be healed. Didn't matter how many people came to be fed. That's just the details of humanity. It's not the truth of love, of that giving and receiving of love.

One of the things that Myrtle Fillmore taught us is to sit every day with your body and praise it, love it, talk to it. Your body is alive and it seeks love. It's how we reduce the stress in our lives. It's how we let go of what no longer serves us. It's how we transform from that cocoon into the butterfly, from that seed into a flower. It happens through that spread of love, being that love, that nurturer. It's been interesting the last few months, trying to figure out how to do church, re-open, and get people back involved.

What do we want to be involved in? Anybody have any clues they want to shout out? I'm seeking those answers and I follow my guidance a lot. One thing that I got recently was just to stop all the outer activity and go to prayer. I wonder sometimes whether we just pray. And so for the next few minutes, I'm going to invite us all just to move into that space of love and to pray and to ask for whatever it is that you're seeking for to ask for that guidance, to be true to who we are. So regardless of what's outside, let's just take a minute to close our eyes, put our feet flat on the floor.

I invite you to look for the good, to feel your heart beating as the radiance of life because that's your truth. You are the radiance of life. You are the one you were seeking. Send that loving thought to every cell in your body. Feel the radiance of the love growing. The truth is ,you are whole, your life is filled with abundance. You are a magnificent being the spirit of love of life.

In this moment, remember the miracles. They come through love.

I love you, I bless you, I behold the living christ in you. Namaste.

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