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I am writing to you this morning from my Airbnb at Nolin Lake. During this time of year my short-term rentals tend to be booked every week. But, just as divine order would have it, I found a 3-day opening for me to enjoy my vacation lake property after a full week of work. In fact, after two years of waiting for my boat to be repaired, I received a call on Monday saying it was time to pick the boat up. So, I hurried down to Arnold's Boat Repair filled with anticipation and excitement, scooped up my watercraft, and headed to the lake. I put the boat in right away, and it was pure magic gliding across the water with my two pups as co-captains. My divine heart is filled with deep gratitude for the intention to honor my mind and body with self-care. My humanness tends to be a workaholic. Now into day 2 of my lake experience, the weather is beautiful again, and I will navigate through my day with more boating, sun, rest, and relaxation.

Last week's extremely successful gala was quite an amazing experience for many. There were congregants joining us that hadn't been there in years, guests of congregants, and Unity ministers that attended from as far Mexico. I personally felt a sense of belonging and connection like I have never felt before at our church. And Rickie Byers was stellar. In all, the gala and the Sunday service were both spectacular and the energy reverberated throughout our building, our hearts, and into our community.

But, for some of us who are workaholics, people pleasers, and overachievers, a weekend like this can be daunting. Manifesting a large event like the Alan Scherer Gala creates an opportunity for us “A” type personalities to flourish. Unfortunately, there is also a downside to these opportunities. If we don't take some time for self-care before, during, and after, we can become irritable, exhausted, and even sick.

Our Unity teachings offer us some tools that will keep us on a healthy trajectory of vibrant living. But we must pay attention to the signs and opportunities that are presented to us. For me, opportunities abound, and I have a difficult time saying no. As I thought about how I successfully maneuvered my busy week, I discovered several tools that kept me going. If you deal with some of the same issues as me, here are some ways you might find helpful and supportive:

1. Be prepared before the madness starts (In other words, be as proactive as possible rather than reactive).

2. Pray yourself up every morning. (Meditation and prayer in the morning reveals more direction for me for my day than any other technique).

3. Rest, rest, rest! (I made sure I was getting good rest by eliminating too much caffeine, I took little naps when possible, and I simply sat down and just relaxed a few minutes when I was getting tired or overwhelmed in preparations and day the of the event).

From performing my aunt's funeral on Friday to the gala on Saturday, my week was jam packed with opportunities to wear me down. But instead, I am still charged as I used the self-care tools supported at Unity, including my power strength to “stay the course” to another successful week of dedication, collaboration, celebration, and love.

Join us this Sunday as Rev., Dr. Gerry Boylan celebrates the masculine energy of Father's Day through “the creative power of love and nurturing.”

Many blessings, Rev. Bobby