The Bobby Pen

Our beloved Rev Bobby is currently sharing his talents out of town so The Bobby Pen will return next week.

Our beloved Rev Bobby is currently sharing his talents out of town so The Bobby Pen will return next week.

 Now that Easter is over and we have acknowledged our desire to rise above any crucifixions that come our way, how do we move forward with this awakening? If we go to our 12 Powers tool chest we will find the Power of Order to help us. I don't know about you, but for me, I find it a challenge to decide when I should just allow things to take place or step up to the plate and take action. Cora Fillmore says “Humans alone, as cocreators with Divine Mind, can think consciously, make decisions, and determine the direction their lives will take. All other forms of life simply follow instinct. Only we can think for ourselves and say “I will” or “I won't”. So, there's the answer, we must be responsible for the order in our lives. In fact, we are charged to use this ability to think, reason, and choose wisely to establish an orderly growth for ourselves as Divine creations. We do this by awakening and training our center for order. Order starts with the establishment of this concept in our thinking and then works from within out. We must first work on ourselves and then, from harmonious, happy feelings within, bring forth God ideas into our immediate environment.”

In other words, “once we have put ourselves in tune with God ideas and are cooperating with divine principle, we find that we attract right relationships with other people, satisfying and fulfilling activities, time for all the things we need to do and right growth and development of all our powers” So, you say, how can I bring more order and harmony to my life?

Jennifer Keitt, nationally renowned Radio Host and CEO of the Keitt Institute: A Center for Mastering Your Emotions and Flourishing in Life, offers 10 ways to Create Order in our lives:

1. Realize we might need some order, spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically, career, relationally & sexually (In Unity we would call this becoming present or mindful of where we are)

2. Take Responsibility by acknowledging we may be in dis-order.

3. Repent (Simply reversing the direction our dis-ordered life and knowing that CHANGE must happen).

4. Remember what is most important to you. (Important things MOVITATE us).

5. Get Quiet and determine your Top 3- 5 Priorities.

6. List those priorities on paper to see them and post them to seem them every day.

7. Choose one and for to keep priorities at the forefront of every decision.

8. Begin ordering your life. Build a daily schedule around your priorities.

9. Learn new skills to replace old habits.

10. Give yourself 60-90 days to really solidify your new ordered life and then Celebrate.

This Sunday join us as Rev. Dr. Gerry Boylan shares his talk on the Parable of the Talents. He will remind us that “each one of us is a unique expression of divine consciousness, but we must claim that truth for ourselves, and for others, in order for that energy, that scared

energy to be made manifest.”

Many blessings, Rev. Bobby