Christmas Is a Time of Spiritual Awareness

Christmas time is a time of great spiritual awareness (Jesus). This opening up to our unique spiritual awareness is a present (gift) to our soul. This gift of the soul radiates JOY throughout our mind, body, emotions, and spirit. 
At the same time, this is the darkest period in our race consciousness. The longest and darkest day of the year begins sadness to many. This is also a time of year when many souls choose to leave this earthly planet and can add to the sorrow for the loved ones. 
Let us join in prayer today and every day to uplift all souls to a state of joy and happiness.  Be conscious of our words and thoughts and send love and light (wisdom) to all beings everywhere.  A gift of friendship, caring, and understanding with compassion may be the best gift we can give to our family, friends, or strangers.
Traditionally, Unity celebrates Christmas with a Candlelight Service. This year we will still light our candles together to shine a light and dispel the darkness.  We hope you will join us on Zoom (register for the link) for this gathering of great souls who are a beacon of faith, healing, and service.  
We are all moving forward as beacons of love. We serve to share our unique gifts with each other and the community at large. We are Louisville’s beloved and most diverse spiritual center. 
Blessings of Love during this mystic time of the year. 
Rev. Valerie Mansfield