Living Non-Violent Communication by Rev. Valerie Mansfield


It's only words and words are all I have to show my love for you. It's perfect. It's true. It is our words, and our words can reach out in love or they can reach out in harm. For the last few weeks, we've been talking a lot about Nonviolent Communication because of everything that's going on in the outer world. How do we as spiritual beings practice our Unity principles in that chaos that's outside of us? One of the ways we do it is to practice compassionate listening. Our founder, Myrtle Fillmore, technically a co-founder, but to me, she's the founder. It began with Myrtle listening to her inner spiritual voice and then taking actions with her words to affirm her Truth.
That is so important for each of us to remember how we talk to ourselves. What is it that we're saying about us to our own being Myrtle taught us to love every cell in the body, every system in the body, every molecule, atom, that we are to be blessed by every breath that we take? The affirmation today tells us to be prosperous as we enjoy the daily blessings. It’s not for what we desire outside of ourselves. It’s for that daily blessing to enrich our own selves, to shift our consciousness higher, and this lifetime for the immortality of all beings everywhere.
That's why we're here. Now. We each have our own personal desires that are good for the most part. As long as we remember that we're not here to infringe upon others. We practice listening to our own still small voice and follow the lead of spirit, which sets us free to that adventure of life. It allows us to have loving relationships with our family and our friends and our coworkers opening us to that spark of the divine and that divine self within. That inspiration allows us to go and to do all that we desire as the expression of the infinite spirit. We are that infinite spirit.
When we remember that our desires really motivate us into those daily blessings, when we're working to accomplish our dreams and desires, we are living in harmony with all the universe and all that is those relationships with others. It is also our reflection of our internal relationship with ourselves, like a reflection of the water flowing. It is the reflection of life flowing and that gentle stream; the gentle breeze of life. That is the desire for our life to flow gently with unconditional love. It's not the way our history of humanity was founded. It's in contradiction to that. Yet, it is our truth. Our history was founded on the end justifies the means. We know from personal experience and what's going on in the world right now that violence brings more violence. Anger brings more anger; hatred brings more hatred.
Our thoughts create more thoughts of like kind. When someone strikes out at us with those words of hate or anger, do we strike back or do we stay in principle; take a breath and bless them? That's not easy. It's not easy to bless someone who is totally opposite of you at that moment. It is ours to do as unconditional love. So we take that breath and center ourselves in that love that we are blessing them because we know they are in pain, instead of the condemnation. It will open them to the light.
That's ours to do is to open ourselves and to help others transform through that light, It is that wisdom and unconditional love Jesus, our way show-er said. "I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men and I'm going to put beings in there will draw all beings unto myself." As we raise our vibrational thoughts and the vibration of our own energetic beings, we raise the vibration of those around us. We bring harmony to all that is. Gandhi taught nonviolence as the means we employ standing in integrity with our objectives.
What is it we want to accomplish here? How do we do it without making others wrong? How do we do it as unconditional love? How do we create those new possibilities to live in principle? That's really what we're talking about. Nobody has to be right or wrong. We're all on this plane of existence. We’re on different levels of it. Yet we know that when we live in harmony within ourselves, that harmony reflects outside of ourselves and the world becomes balanced. So we can listen as love to those around us. We can send love and light to those around us hearing and being heard, allows compassionate communication, sending blessings to those who do not think like us. Send compassionate love. The flow is all around us. That's what we want to create in our lives because for me, that's the way I want to live my life. I want to be that love. I want to be that unconditional presence without making someone else wrong because they're only wrong in their thinking. They don't know that there's another way. They don't know that there's another way then end does not justify the means. They don't know that. Part of being unconditional love is teaching and being the mentor that Jesus was for us. We now get to do that in our society.
We get to choose to interact and behave consciously and within our own limitations. Within our own limitations, we practice listening and we honor when and where possible. We have the courage and knowledge to seek assistance from others when it's not possible and to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. That's really important in all the nonviolent communications. There comes a time when we all have to know what our limitations are. We have to ask. We have to knock on the door and ask for help from above. We have to ask for help from your neighbors and your friends. They’re there to hold you in their arms. They're there to love you as unconditional love.
That's why we're in this community together in this dark time. We’re here to hold each other up. If you're in a place right now where you don't feel safe within yourself, within those around you, reach out to us. Reach out to one of your friends at Unity. Reach out to me or one of the board members. If we need assistance, we'll reach out to, but we're a family as one. We are all one and humanity. When we center ourselves in that divine order, we trust all which occurs as a blessing. Even in those dark moments have faith in the illumination. Knowing it brings growth, healing, and prosperity. Being in that moment of life is accepting what is. Allow the energetic movement to come forward with no attachment. It is infinite life. It's how we propel ourselves and others around us into a new way of life.
We talk about oneness a lot. I’m not sure a lot of people really understand what we mean or what we do when we surround this beautiful dome with all the loving souls that come in to share the oneness. What does that mean? What it means for me is I allow the energetic flow of love of consciousness and of pure joy to flow through me. It goes into and expands to all of those around me. Then, pushes further outward to all of those in our city and in our state and in our world. It blankets the world in that universal light of love, bliss, and consciousness. It is that higher consciousness that comes from spirit. The only way I know to get there is through prayer meditation.
There are many forms of prayer meditation. You don't just have to sit. It is through that prayer and meditation how I get to that oneness. It's that essence of every family on earth and in heaven. We're all part of that infinite life. We live when we live from that state of knowing we are all one. We see ourselves and others moving with ease and grace in life as unconditional love. How does it feel when we stand together and our integrity as compassion for all living beings? We manifest that inner state of awareness.
There's a little process that I love that's from this old unity book by Lowell Fillmore, The Prayer Way to Health, Wealth, and Happiness. This was something that I learned as a child and forgot about. If you don't know, Lowell Fillmore is one of the Fillmore's sons and he did everything in prayer. He ran the business after his dad retired and he did it all through prayer. This was a prayer drill and it is decided by days.
First Day 
Affirmation- I am not sustained by bread alone. I am sustained also by the living words proceeding out of the mouth of God.
Second Day
Affirmation- My words are spirit and they are life and they bring me a good harvest of health, happiness, and prosperity.
Third Day
Affirmation- The word of God now active in me, heals, quickens, and strengthens my soul and body. 
Fourth Day
Affirmation- My mouth shall speak wisdom and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding.
Fifth Day
Affirmation- Let my thoughts and my words be in accord with good words, my heavenly spirit.
Sixth Day
Affirmation- My word shall spring from the inspiration of the spirit of truth and be filled with love, joy, peace, courage, and health. 
Seventh Day
Affirmation- My words are courageous and helpful. When I listen for the promptings of God's still small voice within me before I speak. 
As we continue to live our lives, remember to breathe before we speak. Breathe in low. Speak out loud. Be the peace in the world that you want to see centered in harmony. Love abides and peace prevails. Namaste.