Prayers for America

This is a sad historical time in America. For the second time, our country is divided politically, and morally. In Unity, we know we are all unique individuals with various beliefs, values, and political views. We know that we all are One seeking to find the Truth for all folks to live a joy-filled, peaceful life.  As many have heard me say, there is no right or wrong, there is where we are in the moment and our next step forward to grow and change. Many mistakes from both political sides contributed to yesterday’s chaos. What happens next is vitally important to our individual and collective peace, prosperity, and purpose in America. 

I know there is a reason for yesterday’s actions. It is a call for a new way, a new life for all to be and live together in peace, as love, with the wisdom to move America forward into a new paradigm of joy-filled living for all beings. Today, I begin my own healing of my thoughts on social injustices for all folks in America. I pray for all Americans to have a home filled with all our earthly and spiritual requirements to grow and be productive citizens, caring for our neighbors, ensuring our systems work for all people in a fair and just way. I pray for the wisdom to know what to do to move forward as love, promoting healing and service for myself and for our community, city, and nation.  

I ask each of you to go within and find peace in prayer to ensure resolutions are created for all folks to live free, prosperous fulfilled lives of joy and bliss.  In this time of chaos across our nation let each of us be guided to the right and perfect opportunities to shine our lights of wisdom, with faith as love, healing and serving all people. Join together in Unity to be the change you want to see in the world. 


Rev. Valerie Mansfield