Spiritual Peace & Prosperity

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We can let life pass us by, but that's not a real purpose here: to wait. Our purpose is to take action. That's what Jesus has shown us, as he took action, moving in to Jerusalem, knowing that he was drawing attention to himself and probably endangering himself and those around him. There was no way that he could have known going up against the Roman empire was not a death sentence. Right. How in our humanness, can we move forward knowing that the actions that we take have big consequences in the bigger picture of the universe? How many are willing to sacrifice themselves? It's kind of scary to think that there's that much power in the outer world to go up against, but he did it anyways. He did it by drawing on that spiritual presence, that Christ's essence of himself.

That same essence is in each and every one of us. It's what we call in Unity that "I am." That spiritual, spiritual essence of ourselves. That's what we really celebrate on Palm Sunday, that spiritual essence in each of us is really our beginning to awaken to our spiritual freedom. As we let go of that which is holding us in, we rise up in our consciousness in our daily living to manifest that which is greater than that which we fear. We manifest life, a life filled with joy and bliss as love. When we do that, the fear melts away.

It's a new day. It's a new dawn. Just as in the meditation, the flowers are coming through the darkness, into the light and blossoming. The trees are budding. We too are coming through a great darkness that has had us in its grip for a year. A year ago the pandemic shut down humanity. It shut down the life that we knew. Now we have an opportunity to grow and to change into a better me, a better you, a better world, a better universe. Now we now know that the oneness is true and it's available. Even through this setting, we feel the energy of you in the audience, in this space. And hopefully you can feel the energy of us in your space. There's no separation between our human self and our spiritual self. We are one. In that oneness, we rise up and awaken to that spiritual freedom. That's what we all desire.

Today we all are awakening and arriving Jerusalem, the Holy City. We do that through the realization and manifestation of peace within. It all starts within ourselves with the unfoldment of our own peace within ourselves. The presence of peace, the vision of peace, the process of creating a house of peace and prosperity comes through our source because when we are unlimited in our thinking, we are unlimited in all aspects of our life. That peace that resides within us is the key. Today is that day that we move from that fear of living to loving all the good which is open to us. Now we awakened that great nerve center in the back of our heart, and we radiate the peace and love the bliss of living.

If we are not doing that then we need to stop and recenter into that place of peace within. I know it's not easy. I also know that it's possible. It's possible for me. It's possible for you. No matter what's going on in the outer world, no matter what thoughts are coming into creation, we can stop and center ourselves in the residence of peace. That's our true spiritual freedom. That's our "I am" at work, it's that unexpressed Christ's power at work. Let me say that again. It's our unexpressed Christ's power at work in the "I am." That's what Jesus really represents on this day, riding into the Holy City, leading us to what is our birthright of peace and prosperity. It is our birthright to live in peace, to live a prosperous life. The potential is unlimited for each and every one of us. We just have to recognize it. We have to realize it, vision it, and take action to see it through. We do that when we accept that which is already our truth. We hold the light which is that wisdom, that intuition, that we know is our truth, and the radiance of the life that we lead.

We take control of each day, of each breath, allowing spirit to guide and move us, moving us from that lower animalistic consciousness of fight and flight into that higher room, that upper room of consciousness where the spiritual "I am" prospers, grows, and shares, not only our own desires, but the desires of everyone. There is no separation between me and you, other than our human thinking. When we rise up, we rise up together as one, and it radiates out just like the waves of the ocean that I sat watching this past week radiate the around the earth. There is no difference. We can't stop the energy from radiating outward. Whatever it is that you have in your heart and your being, that's what's being generated outside of yourself. If it's sorrow, if it's hatred, that's what you're rippling out on the waves. Please stop. Become aware of who you are and the power that you have, the power that you are as life. That's when we're moving and riding the donkey into that higher plane, mastering the purity of our spirits, becoming the peace that we all say we want, but never seem to achieve. Everybody knows this to be the truth. Peace begins within, within our souls, within our hearts, within our minds, within our speech.

How are we radiating peace and love into the world? We're operating from this higher state of consciousness from this upper room of the "I am." We are manifesting that new order of the day, that new order of the body and the mind. It's what Myrtle Fillmore used to heal her body. That higher manifestation power that we all have changes the DNA in ourselves to change our thinking from lack into prosperity. We're in this new order. We are no longer allowing wasted thoughts to rule our lives and the lives of those around us. We are ruling with peace, bliss and gratitude. Bliss is such a wonderful word. When you experience that joy, that just overflows throughout your whole being, that radiates around the world, out into the universe, that's the rejoicing, that's the Hosanna that we want. Rejoice in that magnitude, as we shift our consciousness higher with pure ideas, letting go of the physical garments as we lay them down, bringing in the palms of plenty, of movement. We radiate that bliss outward Spreading thoughts of great spiritual ideas, spreading thoughts of great freedom for us to walk our spiritual path as the "I am." Jesus' life shows us the way to freedom, happiness, and peace.

Mary May Osche tells us how to honor that presence, that Christ presence within ourselves, as humans moving into our spiritual expressions. We honor the Christ when we remember that we are spiritual beings, children of God capable, capable of developing and expressing all the qualities of life. We control our thoughts, desires, words, and emotions, keeping them always constructive. We strive toward any high goal, confident that spirit works through us for attainment. We see the Christ potential in others and praise and encourage their commendable traits and efforts. We refuse to accept dis-ease or affliction, and now manifest through us as life and health. We think in terms of you and we more often than in terms of I and me. We overcome fear with faith hatred, with love ignorance, with God directed wisdom. We master unworthy desires and lowly impulses and discipline ourselves to think and act wisely. We live each day in a spirit of love, forgiveness and generosity. When we pray regularly for the light of understanding and let that light radiate through all of our affairs to bless our world.

We have faith in the goodness of spirit, faith in ourselves and faith in our fellow man or woman humankind. Today I ask you to honor the Christ in you and the Christ and others by living each day, fully faithfully, moving from within outward, remembering to love yourself, be kind to you, raise your level of joy to a level of bliss. We are one with the creator, with the Christ, with each other, and we honor one another as the love and the light as we shine for others, we to show the way for others to practice spiritual freedom, to be the peace and prosperity until they to awaken to their truth.

On this Palm Sunday, in the name of Jesus Christ, I affirm the spirit that raised up Jesus dwells in me and I am made perfect as are you. Today we allow that spirit to rise up to rejoice and to remind us to stand in that truth of spiritual freedom and in this moment and in every moment to be the life of the good omnipotent omnipresence.

So it is, Namaste.

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