Virtual Classes- Streaming Now

Class Series

Virtual Class Series: The Seekers Guide For Co-Creating A Life Of Abundance

6:30 pm, Thursdays, starting June 4th - July 16th

In this class participant will explore the Spiritual Laws that are always available which allows us to create a life of True Abundance. We will combine physical laws and spiritual laws to gain a greater understanding of how to be an effective Co-Creator of our lives. Participants will have access to a step by step process to create abundance in every aspect of their lives. The possibility the course offers is "The experience of life will be altered for the participants as they gain access on how to create and live in a state of Abundance." Click here for more info. 

Weekly Classes

Unity 101- 

9:45 am Sunday Mornings

Unity 101 is an introductory and interactive exploration of Unity teachings and principles. Click here for more information.

Book of Knowing and Worth

10 am Sunday Mornings

Paul Selig’s exciting book that creates the energy of Transformation. Click here for more information.

Book of Love

1 pm Wednesday Afternoons

"A Course of Love" is a course for the heart and it bypasses the mind. " Click here for more information

Teleconference To Enhance Higher Consciousness and Activate Your Chakras and Aura

Wednesdays 7:40- 8:15 pm

Exploration into people's feelings and insights for thriving during the current Covid-19 challenge (not getting pulled down into mass mind). Click here for more information.

Men's Group

8:30 am Saturdays

Unity’s Men’s Group is a safe place to share one’s own truth; to learn from other men, and to offer service. We come together and share support, hope, encouragement, insight, wisdom, acceptance,  spiritual growth, and good jokes. No fixing or judgments. Men of all ages are welcome! Click here for more information

Power of Prayer and Infinate Possibilities

3 Choices

1 pm Sundays

6:30 pm Tuesdays

6:30 pm Wednesdays 

This year instead of in home groups we will be using Zoom for our weekly discussions. This eight week program is designed to assist you in understanding prayer and creating your own daily prayer practice. You can sign up here. 

Youth and Family Classes

Join us Sundays for three classes for children of all ages. Click the image for more information.