Ways of Giving

While our services and classes are moving online, we are still operating from our homes. Reverend Val will be in the office from 10 am - 3 pm Monday & Wednesday. Rev Val and others are available to speak and pray with you, as is Silent Unity. Please reach out with questions and concerns by email: Rev Valerie at Valeriem@unityoflouisville.org or calling 502.338.3247 or posting on Facebook.

Your tithes, gifts, and offerings are pure love, and as this energy moves into the world all who are touched by you are transformed. Be joyful in knowing that through you God's love is made manifest!


Support Unity of Louisville

Online contributions are now available! 

Text a dollar amount to 844.996.2710 to donate via text giving. Watch this video that explains text giving here. Make it recurring by texting "repeat" after your donation amount.

Click the donation button below to donate online. You can choose whether to make your donation a one time donation, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Mail-in offerings accepted at 757 S Brook Street, Louisville, KY 40203.


Buy a Mask

In order to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy during this time, Unity of Louisville is selling CDC Compliant Facial Masks. Materials for the masks were donated by Mark Helm and Jeanette Flesch. The masks were assembled by Jeanette Flesch. 

Order your mask here!