What's Going On

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Did you know "What's Goin' On" came out exactly 50 years ago? The bummer is that it feels like it is from these times, right now. Nothing has changed. We still have poverty, drug abuse, police brutality, racial injustice. It's Asian Heritage Month, and I had to hesitate to wear this.

It was interesting with all the Asian hate going on I had a trip planned to Columbus, Mississippi, to celebrate with a friend, Tennessee Williams, in his hometown of Columbus, Mississippi. You have to drive 12 hours to get there. And then I thought I want to use some wisdom with this. I'll just wait, I'll go another time.

This song speaks to us, because at the time that it was written, this Benson, who was with the Four Tops was witnessing all the violence and all the craziness that was going on. He said, "What is going on? The world is going insane." He wrote down a blueprint and gave it to Marvin Gaye and Marvin Gaye wrote this song, which is totally outside the box of his romantic love songs. His boss said "No way, no way. You are staying with who you are, singing love songs." Well, Marvin Gaye produced it without his knowledge and it became the number one hit, the fastest selling Mo-Town hit ever.

He had his heart in it. His brother Frankie was over in Vietnam for three years. His cousin, who was also named Marvin, died in the service in Vietnam. He just knew that this song, about peace, about understanding, needed to be put into the world.

So, what's going on? I look at each one of you and I just want to cry, because I know who you are. I have witnessed you being on your hero's journey. I have witnessed you going through your initiations, your tough times, and staying in the knowing that there is only one God, one presence, and one power, God the good omnipotent no matter what is going on in our lives and in our world. You holding that high consciousness of good, saying I am the light, I make the difference, I am that presence of good. You are changing the world by being the light. Extending, radiating your light in our world.

People are experiencing this pandemic differently. Some are just emotionally, spiritually, physically affected. We're all affected. Some are just loving it. It is time to just relax and be at peace, be still, be in the quiet, and become clearer and clearer about who we are as one with God.

This is the time of at least 34 different ancient prophecies, I know there are a lot more, that tell us that we are in those times of awakening, enlightenment, ascension, end times. Charles Fillmore, Unity's co-founder called it the "New Jerusalem." We're going to experience a new Earth, a new heaven on earth. We're going through these initiations and systems are falling for us to be in a better world. We're going to have new levels of peace and of justice, clarity, awareness, and compassion. Right now is the time to master our curriculum, to master it, through all this tough time. Remeber to be love lights, even if you don't feel like it. Try to be at that level of consciousness from moment to moment.

That's how our world shifts. Unity's co-founder Myrtle Fillmore wrote, in 'How to Let God Love You,' All of us, sooner or later, come to a place in our development where we are no longer satisfied to go on living the old life without the knowledge of our oneness, with God, the source of our being. Sometime when we reach this point in our soul's progress, we do not at first know just what is taking place. We may become restless and dissatisfied. We may go through experiences that we do not understand. We may even be tempted to think that our goal is gone from us. But just as surely as there is God, one presence, and one power, we will find that we are going from one to the other, to another lighter, larger, room."

That's what is happening right now. We are moving into a lighter, brighter, marginally more wonderous world. We are literally shifting from 3D to 5D, and our hearts are opening like it's never opened before. We are experiencing some experiences when you don't feel so good. We are going through these initiations for us to raise a consciousness, to get to that level of enlightenment/ascension. We will get through it.

Last week I completed 10 days of silence. I had done this 10 day Vipassana retreat 10 years ago near Chicago with a group of people. Since all those retreat places are closed, I though "Okay, I'm going to do it alone," and I didn't want distractions. I would have been really distracted if I stayed at home, but our church member Deloris Morton was going to be gone and I was going to be house sitting and cat sitting Kiki for those 10 days and I thought, "That's what I'll do."

10 days of silence. Day one I'm sitting there meditating with my eyes closed like you're supposed to. I'm thinking about all the things I could be doing. It'll take some time. There's no reading, no writing, no pen, paper, books, nothing to listen to. Can't drive anywhere. I'm living in this beautiful home just three miles away, Alan Scherer's mom's home, until she returns. I'm sitting there and I'm like, wait a minute, I got there in January, I haven't seen all of the flowers blooming yet. When I left they were so gorgeous. So everyday I would hop in the car and drive the three miles and just be in awe of the beauty of those seeds of beauty that Alan planted years ago. I am in awe of the beauty. Those meditation days, the view of perfect flowers, made it more bright, the perfection of all of it.

There was a rose bush, and roses have all different stages, all different levels of growth. My mind went to Rev Lance, because he was the one who got me to Vipassana in the first place. He used to show us the Vipassana retreat for 10 days and say "You gotta do this." And I was like "Ten days of silence, yeah sure." Finally a group of us went, and standing in front of that rose bush, looking at a rose that was just about to drop its petals, that's when I remembered him because I wouldn't have paid as much attention to it before. I remember him saying his favorite flower is a rose because it symbolizes God's love when it is completely spent and is going to be gone at any moment.

It all came clear to me that here is where I am to sit. I sat at his Vipassana training, 10 days. I got really clear in that training that nothing physical is forever. I mean, we could be sitting there with a painting, and the coaches say just notice it,watch it change. Nothing stays the same. That was what was happening there. That is so solid. Then at that Vipassana Rev. Lance had us get this message, "There is only what is eternal and infinite. Everything changes." The state patrolmen let me know that Lance was suddenly killed in a biking accident. Lance's mission was to get that message of permanence accross. Lance. Mission accomplished. We get it. I love you and I appreciate you.

Being in front of those flowers it was like falling to your knees in the sunshine out of ecstasy. It was that for me. Deloris lives by a lake so I just walked over to the lake and I'm walking and enjoying nature, and Jack was with me. Rev Jack, my husband Jack Poole, he's been gone for three and a half years now. Every day there is some message from him. He said look for me in the redbirds, the butterflies. He has sent all kinds of funny messages like license plates with his initials on it, heart shaped clouds, rocks.

I realized that I had started out when Jack died, I had this regret that he was always asking me to be with him outdoors and just sit on the balcony outdoors. I never had the time, I'd say, "Another time, I'm too busy."' Now I'm with Jack all the time, meditating with him all the time. It took me a while, but Jack, I get it. It's not about "Do, do do," it's about "Be, be,be." Just being who you are, just being your presence, your consciousness extends into our world. People are touched, they're moved just by you being that love light that you are. All I needed to do was forget about "Do, do, do," and just be and sit with him.

If you're gonna do a retreat at Deloris's, she's got a perfect place for it. She's surrounded the house with all of these positive words. One the things that she had posted was a gift that Jack had given on a Sunday service one Sunday, with words from the Course in Miracles: "I am here only to be truly helpful. I am only here to represent him who sent me." That's our only mission. That's all. Just be who we are. That's how we shift. There's times when we don't want to be that. We don't want to be that love light. If you catch yourself doing that, come right back. I am a star seed and I seed love and light into the world.

Jesus said, "We can do greater works than me," and he produced greater miracles. Oh, wow. He said, "We are one, come with me to the house that is our home." That means we are all together in one world. We may be in different rooms but we are all together in one home. We are all one in the divine, and the divine is in us. That is what we are called to do and to be, to be star seeds. Every cell in our body responds and reawakens to our energetic alignment with the divine.

It's time to let go of the things in our lives that don't serve our higher consciousness. It might be releasing a job that is stressful, that doesn't bring joy energy. It might mean releasing toxic relationships. It is time for us to create our world. We create with our thoughts, our words, our actions, and it is time now to be in that curriculum of creating, creating beauty.

We are co-creators with God. There is no separation in this universe, as we give that joy to ourselves, others automatically see beautiful creations. Create love wherever you are.

As gifts today I brought these Asian start seeds. There are cards that go with them, that say, "I am a star seed, radiating love, light, and life. I am one with the divine, and the divine is in me." Star seeds are a reminder of who you are, as a star seed, radiating love, light, and life. In Asia they are almost like a magical seed because they are shaped like a star. They are very healing. You can use these seeds to bring you to a higher consciousness.

You have to take care of these seeds like you would another person, or of the Christ within you. Take care of your divinity, and nurture it, and take it with you everywhere you go. They will break, and that's good because they are great in hot tea, they smell so good, you can throw it into the fire and it makes it smell so good. When they break they are useful too.

What's going on is that we're on a spiritual journey, a hero's journey, and it is an intense time as we awaken. We are sacred love, sacred joy, we are blessed peace. Through all of the heartbreak, all of the conflict among us, all of it, be who you are. Use that. If we are all one, use that as your beginning for your masterpiece, for your victory, for your hero's journey. Use that initiation as the first step in being who you are as a star seed.

Now is the time to feel good. 

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